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Review Sessions for WSET Exams

There is usually at least one week between the end of our WSET classes and the scheduled exam date. We leave extra weeks because in the past we have had to cancel classes due to hurricanes or snowstorms, yet the date of the exam needs to be fixed months in advance. During that time we usually offer an optional review session, usually the week just before the exam. Both in-class and distance learning students are invited to participate in this session at no extra charge.

These sessions are an opportunity for students to go back over key concepts they have studied in the course, to discuss test-taking strategies, and to raise questions. For the Advanced course, review sessions include a 15-minute practice for the blind tasting exam.

We believe our review sessions are part of the reason for our students' high passing rates on the challenging WSET exams; not every WSET Registered Centre offers review sessions.

Dates of review sessions are listed on our calendar and will be announced in class.