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General Information

To earn the Wine & Spirit Education Trust's world-recognized wine credentials, you must pass the WSET's challenging exams. We administer exams for all of the WSET courses that we provide in Philadelphia.

The price of sitting each exam once is included in the price for the courses, both in-class and distance learning. If you need to re-sit an exam, there is an additional fee. See the price list.

We offer most exams at least twice each year. Exams are sent to us by the WSET in England, and we send them back to England for grading. Because we need to order exams in advance to have them sent from overseas, students must register for exams at least a month before the date that they plan to take the exam. See the schedule for exam dates and registration deadlines.


The Phillywine Advantage

We work hard to help our students succeed on the challenging WSET exams. Our review sessions for the Intermediate Course and Advanced Course exams, and practice exams for the Diploma, give our students a distinct advantage. The stemware included with course registration also helps students perform well on tasting exams, as they can use the same glasses during the exam that they used throughout the course.


Exam Descriptions

Learn more about the specific contents of the WSET exams on the following pages: