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WSET Diploma Unit 2 Exam

The Unit 2 (Wine Production) Exam is the first exam that Diploma students must take in the Diploma course sequence. You may take the Unit 2 exam on the same day as other Unit exams if desired. You do not have to pass the Unit 2 exam before taking other exams, but you do have to attempt it before or concurrently with any others.

Unit 2 Exam details:

This exam is more difficult than the Advanced Course exam because, unlike the AC exam, nearly every optional answer for each question is almost correct, and you have to read each option carefully to see which are not-quite-correct before making your choice. Nevertheless, our students have done well on this exam, with many obtaining "Merit" or "Distinction" ratings.

We can -- and do -- offer this test several times a year, as there are no fixed dates set by the WSET nor no minimum number of students to take the test. Typically, we offer this exam on a Monday evening at the end of Unit 2 classes, and on the morning of any date on which the Unit 5, 6 and 4 exams are offered.


Diploma Exam Info & Study Resources

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