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WSET Diploma Course Sequence

The one requirement in planning the sequence of your Diploma studies is that you must take (but not necessarily pass; see "Notes and Clarifications" below) the Unit 2 exam before any other Unit exams and before any Unit 1 coursework assignments can be submitted. It is possible to take the Unit 2 exam on the same day as other Unit exams, and we usually offer the Unit 2 exam in the morning of the same day as our Unit 4-6 exams for students who choose this option.

In Philadelphia, we offer Diploma classes and exams on the following schedule (see this year's dates):


Planning Your Course Sequence

Within the above schedule and the constraint of taking the Unit 2 exam before or concurrently with any other exam, you have some flexibility in planning your Diploma course sequence. Your Diploma registration is good for three academic years (August-July). In any academic year you can take as many or as few Units as you wish. If all 6 Units are not completed within three years, you can re-register for another three years, giving you a total of six years to complete your studies.

Most students take Units 1 & 2 in the fall and follow up immediately with Unit 3 in the winter/spring, then take Units 4-6 during the second fall of their registration. These students choose to tackle Unit 3 early in the sequence because they see this as the biggest hurdle, plus they're done with it by early June and then have the following Fall to either take Units 4-6 or to prepare for their Unit 1 assessments.

Others choose to delay Unit 3 until their second winter, using the first winter to work on Unit 1 assessments. They then go on to Units 4-6 in the fall of their second year, followed by Unit 3 in the winter/spring.


Notes and Clarifications about the Diploma Sequence

Due to the timing of WSET's 3-year registration for Diploma students, few students begin their Diploma studies mid-year. However, if enough new students are interested, we will offer Unit 2 classes in the winter. Such classes will not begin until March to ensure that our Advanced Course students from the prior fall -- who would not have received their Advanced Course exam results until February -- have an opportunity to enroll for those classes. Unlike the fall classes, these will focus on Unit 2 only. Students in these classes can attend the Unit 1 classes the following fall at no additional cost.

Please note: it is not necessary to pass the Unit 2 exam before taking other Unit exams. If a student failed that exam on the first try, he or she could go on to other Units and re-take the Unit 2 exam at a later date. 

Special options for Unit 1 assessment are available for Diploma candidates who registered and submitted any Unit 1 coursework before August 1, 2008, due to changes to the assessment format. If you think you may be one of these transitional students, read more about these changes.



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