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Practice Exams for the WSET Diploma

Some of our students who took the Diploma exams in our first year mentioned how unprepared they felt for the physical demands of a day-long test. Their pass rate for the morning sessions was 64% -- much higher than for the afternoon sessions. It was, one student said, like trying to run a marathon race without having run any practice marathons.

To help our students acclimate themselves to the physical challenge, the next year we held a day-long practice exam. It worked, as those students had - coincidentally - a 64% afternoon pass rate! We have continued with practice exams ever since.

Practice exams for Unit 3 and for Units 4-6 are included in our class and distance learning prices for those Units. Diploma students registered to take their distance learning or classes or exams with a different APP (e.g., NY or Napa) can participate in our practice exams for an additional fee.

See our schedule for upcoming practice exam dates.


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