Diploma Course Information

Diploma Exam/Assessment Information:

Unit 1 (Business of Wine) Coursework

Unit 2 (Wine Production) Exam

Unit 3 (Light Wines) Exam

Unit 4-6 Exams (Spirits, Sparkling, and Fortified Wines)



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WSET Diploma Distance Learning

As of 2012, there are WSET locations offering Diploma courses in just six U.S. cities. If you don’t live near one of them, your options are Distance Learning, the Online Diploma Course, or a combination of the two. In addition, our Diploma classes in Philadelphia are broadcast via two-way video and audio via a program similar to Skype. You can be sitting in your home, however distant, yet participate in the class.

Our instructors send their powerpoint presentations via email to all students before each class begins, and we send students the lists of wines to be poured each week far enough in advance that you have time to locate a few bottles in your local markets. You not only can ask questions of the instructors during the classes, you can even give your tasting notes for wines being tasted by students in the class and receive feedback from the instructor and your “classmates.”

As a distance learning student, you will receive all materials for the Diploma Unit(s) of your choice. You can sit the exams on any date they are given. You are also welcome to participate in the optional practice exams that we hold for our class attendees, usually one week before the exam, at no additional charge. (Note that there is an additional charge for practice exams if you are registered for that Diploma Unit with a different Diploma center.)

The WSET Diploma Online Course

Beginning in 2013 we will be offering the Online Diploma Course as an alternative to the Home Study option. Learn more about the Diploma Online Course.

Exam Information for Distance LearningStudents

Unit sequences for Diploma Distance Learningare the same as for in-class students. You must take the Unit 2 exam before taking any other Unit exams or submitting the Unit 1 coursework assignment. Aside from the dates specifically scheduled for the Unit 2 exam it can also be taken on the morning of any date that we are offering the Units 4, 5 and 6 exams. Once you have decided to sit an exam on a particular date, you must give us significant advance notice so we can order your exam copy from England. For the Unit 3, 4, 5, and 6 exams, the WSET specifies deadlines that are more than two months in advance of the exam dates. View our schedule for specific deadline dates.


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