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WSET Level 4 Diploma Course

The WSET Level 4 Diploma is one of the most advanced courses of wine study in the world. In many countries, it is a prerequisite for pursuing the title of Master of Wine. The WSET Advanced Level 3 Award is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Diploma course.

The WSET Level 4 Diploma Course consists of six Units:

Until 2005, a seventh Unit was required. This 4,500 to 5,000 word independent research paper is now the Honours Diploma, an additional achievement you can try for after having earned the WSET Diploma.


Registration and Sequence of WSET Level 4 Diploma Units

When you sign up with the WSET to take the Diploma course, you register for a period of three academic years. Read more important information about registering for the WSET Diploma Course.

The WSET requires that you take Units 1 and 2 first, but you may take Units 3 through 6 in any sequence after that. Most students take the Unit 1-6 courses over a period of 2 years, reserving the third year of their registration period for re-taking any exams they may not have successfully passed on the first attempt.

Read more about choosing the sequence of your Diploma studies.


Diploma Student Resources

We are committed to helping our students learn as much and as effectively as possible during their Diploma studies, so that they are well prepared for the challenging Diploma exams. Some of the ways we do that include the following:


Distance Learning and Online Course Options

Distance learning is a wonderful and more affordable opportunity for Advanced Level 3 Award holders who want to take their wine study to the next level. For local students, registering with for your Diploma distance learning is an especially good value because our practice exams are included at no additional charge. Our instructors also often send their PowerPoint presentations to distance learning students as well as to in-class students. Learn more about Diploma Distance Learning.

We are pleased to announce that beginning in the winter of 2013, we can offer access to the online version of the Level 4 Diploma course. This course was piloted for a year in England and for another year with the International Wine Center in New York, and we are now permitted to sign up our students also. Learn more about the Online Diploma Course.