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WSET Level 3 Advanced Course Distance Learning

As a distance learning student, you will receive all materials for the Advanced Course except the stemware. You can sit the exam on any date it is given. You are also welcome to participate in the optional review session that we hold for our class attendees, usually one week before the exam.

Is the Level 3 Distance LearningRight for You?

You should be aware that studying for the Level 3 Course at home may place you at a disadvantage compared to students who attend the class in person. Tasting is a critical part of the new version of the Level 3 Course Exam, both for the actual wine-tasting portion of the exam and for the short answer segment. When you attend our class in person, we help you gain a very thorough knowledge of and experience with the WSET's "Systematic Method" of tasting that could be crucial in determining whether or not you earn enough marks in those two segments of the exam.

Before deciding to take the Level 3 Course via distance learning, please carefully read the descriptions of the new types of Level 3 Course exam questions.

If you have not already taken the Level 2 Course, please read this important information to help you determine if you have sufficient background for the Level 3 Course.


Exam Information for Distance Learning Students

Once you have decided to sit an exam on a particular date, you must give us one month's notice so we can order your exam copy from England. View our schedule for specific deadline dates.

We will also need you to give us your date of birth. Since the WSET tests have been taken by hundreds of thousands of people over the years, there may be someone out there with the same name as you. And since the tests are given in 47 countries, identifiers that other schools use (Social Security Numbers, drivers' licenses) won't do. Instead, the WSET will issue you an unique identifier number based on your name and date of birth, which you will use for all exams.


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