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The WSET is England's Wine & Spirit Education Trust.  Since 1969 it has been affiliated with the Institute of Masters of Wine in educating the wine trade as well as consumers seeking a very thorough wine education. In the U.K., completion of WSET's Advanced and Diploma classes are pre-requisites for Master of Wine candidates. 

We feel quite confident saying the WSET Courses are the world's greatest wine classes:


So You Say You've Taken a Wine Class? Is WSET So Different?

Why do people take wine classes? Sometimes, just to meet other people. Otherwise, to learn to buy and to taste wine. To learn why what they like tastes that way (geography, chemistry, whatever). And to find other wines, maybe cheaper, they will like as much. No more aimless wandering through wine aisles, they think. No more what-am-I-tasting confusion.

Oh, sure, most of the wines in the shop have numerical scores. Is that enough help? Will that 90-point wine taste better than that other 90-point wine? And how will either taste with your 85-point dinner? (Ever notice that the foods we buy don’t come with scores attached?)

So, you’ve already taken a wine class? Let me guess. The instructor told some good jokes. He or she talked, you listened. You got a pile of handouts, maybe some maps. You tasted a bunch of wines. The wine made everyone get friendlier. More good jokes about the wines. End of class.

Next time in the wine shop, were you any less confused? Did the handouts help? WSET Classes are different. Read on...


WSET Professional Wine Expertise: Wine Buyers, International

England is too far north to grow good wine grapes. But for centuries they have had royalty and nobility who wanted good wine and had the money to pay for it. Europe was very nearby and had lots of good wines. And England had colonies, ranging from America to Australia, some of which were beginning to make wine. The market responded and a profession was created.

Wine professionals visited cellars in little towns throughout Europe and the empire. Was this wine good, and a good value? Did it taste like wines from this-little-town usually taste, so customer expectations would be met? The skills they learned and used were written down and passed along to their apprentices. Beginning 1969, this knowledge, acquired over centuries, was all formalized with the creation of the WSET.

Once you have read the course descriptions in this section of the website, we're sure that you will agree with us about the quality of these courses. In a culture such as ours, in which wine knowledge is equated with memorizing Wine Advocate or Wine Spectator scores, it's not surprising that American Master of Wine candidates did so badly when they first began taking the M.W. exams in 1988, or that they have had more success now that these WSET courses -- mandatory for U.K. candidates -- are more widely available in the U.S.


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