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Great Diploma Results

Our recent students (June, 2011 and January, 2012 exams) continued our excellent performances on the WSET Diploma Unit 3 (Light Wines) exam. Fifteen of 21 students passed the theory portion and 19 of 21 passed the tasting portion. This is far above the international pass rate (approximately 50%) for this difficult, day-long exam.

Congratulations to our students and to our Unit 3 instructors, whose skillful use of two-way video has enabled our students from all over the country to do as well as our local students.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Classes

The WSET is England's Wine & Spirit Education Trust.  Since 1969 it has been affiliated with the Institute of Masters of Wine in educating the wine trade as well as consumers seeking a very thorough wine education.

We are a Registered Centre and an Approved Programme Provider for the WSET Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, and Diploma Courses in wines and spirits. To date we have nad more than 600 students pass their challenging WSET exams to earn these credentials.

We offer classes, home study programs and testing and assessment.

Learn more about the WSET and explore information about our course offerings below.


New! WSET Level 1 Foundation Course

This is a fun, basic three-week introductory course designed for those with no prior wine knowledge.

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WSET Level 2 Award Intermediate Course

No prior wine knowledge is required for the Intermediate Course.

Intermediate Course Info | Review Sessions | Exam Info | Schedule


WSET Level 3 Award Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is for people with a significant amount of prior wine knowledge. In the U.K. the Intermediate Level 2 Award is a pre-requisite for this course, but we will admit well-prepared people with no prior WSET experience.

Advanced Course Info | Review Sessions | Exam Info | Schedule


WSET Diploma Course

The Diploma course is very challenging. It is the last step before trying to become a Master of Wine. The Advanced Level 3 Award is a pre-requisite for the WSET Diploma.

Diploma Course Info | Practice Exams | Exam Info | Schedule


Home Study WSET Courses

All of our WSET course offerings are now available for home study. Home study is a good option for budget-conscious students, as well as for those living outside the Philadelphia area. Our home study students receive all the same course materials as our in-class students. They often receive supplementary information (such as PowerPoints) via email, and they are welcome to attend review sessions and practice exams with our in-class students.

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